What is Haute Streetwear?

In fashion there are many different styles. Every style has its own setting and clothing. We call our style Haute Streetwear. This is a combination of elegant, raw and chique. Haute Streetwear is a mix of Haute Couture and Streetwear. Wonder what our style exactly is? Then read further!

The Haute Streetwear look

Where ‘regular’ Streetwear usually is very casual – think of ripped and wide jeans and oversized sweaters – Haute Streetwear stays more within the lines. It is a stylish look that suits both men and women. And of course top quality. So what does Haute Streetwear look like? Well, how about a black T-shirt with a cool design, classy dark jeans and a pair of white sneakers. Slightly casual, but wear a nice jacket with it and you will be dressed classy. And if you feel like wearing a nice cap on top of it, perfect! So it is classy, but there is always at least 1 item to add that casual touch.

For whom is Haute Streetwear?

Haute Streetwear is for everyone. Sounds vague? It’s not. The modern man and woman can both create their own Haute Streetwear look. Because this style is casual, but also classy, the look is suitable for almost every occasion. This is what makes Haute Streetwear comfortable and very open at the same time. Going for after work drinks? Or diner with in-laws? Haute Streetwear is a great choice in both situations!

Can I not wear anything else then?

Sure you can! Haute Streetwear is what we call our style. The great thing about fashion is that everyone has his own taste and style and will interpret it in their own way. Haute Streetwear is not different. Try different items and mix & match those. Finding your own style is the most important thing, and if we can help you with that you are always welcome to contact us!

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