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About us

About Us

Fifth & Francis

We like to tell you something about us. Fifth & Francis is a clothing company. Read this only if you appreciate good products, have an eye for detail, love exclusivity, and care about your clothing.

High class quality

Fifth & Francis loves good quality. Haute Streetwear is our style. This means we do our best to add something beautiful to your day or night out. Comfortable quality clothing for both men and women. We like to provide garment that has stylish designs, high quality materials, comfortable fits and is produced in an honest way. That’s what we call Haute Streetwear.

Feel good, Look good

We want to offer you a feeling, not a product. That feeling is designed in the Netherlands and produced in Italy. Both with passion for quality and style. Our mission is to make you feel even more sexy when you go out to have a good time. By creating a product that makes you feel good, you make us look good.

You become our model.