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About Matthijs

About me

About me

Fifth Francis Over Mij

Hi. I am Matthijs.

Design my own collection. Create a Rotterdam brand that is authentic, diverse and beautiful. Just like my city.
That’s my dream.
And I would like to put my passion for clothing, exclusivity, Italian style and my city into it.

I really want the brand to embody the Rotterdam value that all people are equal. But definitely different and unique.
That is why I chose to offer limited numbers. Because I believe this does not only guarantee a certain exclusivity for you, but it also keeps us improving and creative. It makes us continuously come up with new designs for you within our signature style.

Some time ago I told myself: ‘Live the dream. Live as you like.’
And that is how Fifth & Francis was born.

Enough about me now. What I want Fifth & Francis to be like you can read here.

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