Headwear - caps for women and for men

Caps you want permanently in your wardrobe. Made for style, not just for one fashion season. Slow Fashion it is called. You must be able to rely on those caps to look good, feel good and last for a long time.
You will find three different lines in our collection.


    Being independent. In this line you see caps to wear when you want to dress in a sophisticated and elegant way. They complete your casual chic look, but add just a cool touch to it. The details and colours (mostly ton sur ton in basic colours) are subtle here and together with the quality this makes sure you will be able to maintain them in you wardrobe for years.

  • Cap Dark Blue

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  • Black Cap MMXV

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  • Black Cap Camo

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  • Libertà

    Being free. The ultimate result of our mission ‘live as you like’. So this is our top line. You will find limited edition luxury caps here. The colors are always ton sur ton, and you will be amazed by the quality. We choose the finest fabrics here, and with the detailled finishing this is the line you want to create your most elegant look with.

  • Cap Grey

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