What do you use your clothing for? #2

In our previous blog we explained the first four of eight different uses of clothing (1). So now we would like to give you information about the remaining four reasons why people have always dressed in a certain way. And once again we tell you how we anticipate to each one of them with our caps. 

To stand out.

Clothing is a perfect way to show what your job is, for example judges, stewardesses and waiters. We do not make headwear for certain professions though. By the use of clothing you can also show what your lifestyle is, by wearing designer labels and jewellery. No doubt we would like our caps to be seen as a symbol of a certain lifestyle: “live as you like”. The lifestyle where you are authentic, independent and free.

To be part of a group.

A good example is sports. Fans use the colours of their favourite team and dress alike. Being part of a group is also important to so called fashion victims. These are people who desperately want to be part of current style. You might say they lack personality. Sometimes groups also use clothing to show rebellion.
We do not create caps to make you part of any group at all. On the contrary: as mentioned before at Fifth & Francis we want you to be independent and unique. 

To create their own identity.

Have you ever seen two people at the same day looking exactly the same? Fashion chains, trends and fast fashion might cause a lot of clothing to look alike, we still do not exactly look the same as others. And we do not want to. Every individual wants to have an own identity. We can create that by using clothing. Caps can give just a unique touch to your look and identity. Make sure you have plenty in your wardrobe to choose from so they can match any outfit.

To be modern and creative.

With al the available fashion and fast moving trends clothing can be a perfect way for someone to show how modern he or she is. Or to be ahead of the rest. We create our caps for the long term. It is called slow fashion and makes sure items are not out of style in one season or so. We like our items to be in your wardrobe for a very long time. That is why we use basic colours and high quality materials.

Determine what the reason is you use your clothing for and find the right item to go with that. If our philosophy is appealing to you, why don’t you have a look in our store?

Till our next blog. And don’t forget: live as you like!


(1) Jenkyn Jones, S. (2016). Fashion design. London, United Kingdom: Laurence King Publishing Ltd.

Sproles, G. (1979). Consumer Behavior Towards Dress. Mineapolis, U.S.A.Burgess Pub. Co.

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