What do you use your clothing for? #1

We share our love for clothing with you. So we want you to be able to choose form the best clothing you can wish for. But what do you actually use your clothing for? There are many reasons to use clothing. Actually eight (1). In this blog we like to give you information about the first four. And we will explain how we anticipate to each one of them when creating caps. 

For practical purposes.

Depending on the situation clothing should keep you cool or warm or protect you from environmental conditions, so it must be both suitable and comfortable for that particular use. For caps this means a couple of things: for the summer a cap must offer ventilation because of higher temperatures. In autumn a cap must help to make you feel a little warmer. And a very practical thing: to protect your eyes from the sun there is the visor, which therefor must have a certain length, width and curve in order to serve its goal. This is why we carefully choose our materials and styles in order to offer you a suitable hat for different conditions. For example we can vary between a trucker cap, which is ideal for summer because of it’s meshed structure, and a fully closed cap with thicker cotton which will be comfortable in cooler conditions. And for the winter you might think? Yes, we are working on that.

To cover nakedness or imperfections.

Clothing and makeup have always been used for this basic need. A hat in this case can cover up a bad hair day, or prevent the wind from ruining your looks. Although our caps can do this for you, we definitely do not design our clothing to make you cover up yourself. We want you to feel comfortable and be yourself. At all times. That is why we say “live as you like’.

To be sexy and attractive.

With top material, a pleasant fit and a beautiful design your clothing can contribute to you feeling sexy and attractive. So can makeup and perfumes. We are looking to create caps that give you a good feeling. We do so by designing, but also by using high quality materials. When you just love a certain piece and the material feels comfortable it will enhance your feeling of being sexy and attractive. Feel good, look good.

To decorate yourself.

To be beautiful, to be creative, to be unique. The use of clothing as adornment can also help to show that you are part of a certain group or culture. Caps for example are used this way in hip hop culture where often the cap is worn in an unconventional way. We like to contribute to you being unique by creating limited edition caps for you to use as an item to finish your look with. We see it as the final touch to your outfit. And we like to keep it elegant and stylish. So yes, Fifth & Francis creates adornment.

If you also want to know what the remaining four reasons to use clothing are, you can read about it in our next blog. See you then! And in the meantime feel free to look around in our store.


(1) Jenkyn Jones, S. (2016). Fashion design. London, United Kingdom: Laurence King Publishing Ltd.

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