What is a good T-shirt?

It’s weekend and you are going into town with your friends. Time to get ready. And then the question comes up: what am I going to wear?

Maybe sometimes this question is easier to answer for men then it is for ladies, but still we all like to look good, don’t we? And a pair of jeans and a good T-shirt are always good! But what is a good T-shirt? Well, you find out here!

A T-shirt made out of cotton

A good T-shirt is made out of fine materials. Cotton is a great example. This fabric has some advantages: cotton breaths and prevents you from getting sweaty, it’s strong and your skin usually will not get irritated. Shirts made out of synthetic materials do not only last shorter then those made out of cotton, but they also are more likely to shrink in laundry. And that is absolutely not what you want!

Fit and quality of a T-shirt

In these times we live in a society driven by fast-fashion. Clothing therefor is often produced in low-wage countries like China or Taiwan and quality is of less interest. What will happen to T-shirts made there is they will start loosing their shape after washing them only a couple of times. And you also do not want that! A good T-shirt is carefully made out of cotton, with attention for the finishing. That is when the fabric and shape stay perfect.

You are at your best in a fine T-shirt

You feeling good when you go out, that is what we find important at Fifth & Francis! That is why our T-shirts are made in Italy out of top quality fabrics. You feel fine and nice in our clothing and you show it! Wether you go out with friends for a beer at a nice bar, or you and your friends go to the movies. Wearing a good T-shirt and nice jeans you are always dressed to the occasion. Stille looking for an outfit? You find our shirts in our online store.

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